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Advanced Telematics Services for the Institutions of GUnet

The particular project constitutes the continuation of the project "Academic Internet- GUnet: Access Network and Core Services for the Education" that was financed with resources of the 2nd Communal Support Field () (Operational Program Education and Initial Professional Training) () (SPECIAL TRAINING PROGRAM). With the exploitation of both the experience of the past and the living potential of the institutions-members (all the Greek Universities and Technological Education Institutes-TEI) of the civil non profit society GUnet, advanced telematics services of horizontal character as well as digital content will be implemented, aiming at the cover of needs for information and use of advanced applications by the users of Academic Institutions.

The new project is constituted by three axes of action, whose aim is the effective contribution in the achievement of measure 1.2 of the Operational Program "Information Society" (..) and especially of invitation 10. These axes include:

  • The coordinated development of advanced telematics services (services of catalogue, security, voice-over-IP), directly exploitable by the academic community. These services will have a horizontal character, completing in many cases corresponding action of the institutions- members.
  • The development of digital content with accent on the Information and Communication Technologies, aiming at the appointment and exploitation of the activities and content of the Greek Academic Institutions.
  • The development of synchronous and asynchronous tele-education services and the implementation of projects for the acquisition of know-how in the new technologies of telematics and networks by the members of the Network Operations Centers (NOC).

The specific project works in addition to the existing infrastructures and applications of the institutions-members of GUnet, as well as to the general directions of proposals that these institutions submitted in the corresponding axis. Also, the project is complementary to the actions of measure 3.3, supporting the encouragement of organization and production of innovative products and processes, particularly in the sector of new technologies and electronic learning (e-learning).