The action of e-University concerns the digital services of information and administration of the higher education that are provided to the citizens, e.g., students, candidate students (pupils), graduates, parents, the teaching and research personnel, contractors and suppliers. The objective of the particular action is to complete and unify the existing operations in each institution, in order to achieve a very high level of provided digital governmental services, which will approach the citizens, having as a main characteristic the easier access and exploitation of services offered via Internet.

Since this project exploits and unifies the already developed know-how within the academic institutions, it achieves a very important economy of scale. The total of subsystems that will be developed in the present project, since they will be developed in open code software, will be available and able to operate in all academic institutions.

The project constitutes a pilot action, since it develops the infrastructures of information systems in representative institutions and expects its further extension and its catholic implementation in the entire academic community via the Peripheral Programs of regions, where are the academic institutions located, as well as via the processes of their regular budgets and public investments. The result of this effort aims at the restriction of expenses through the simplification of bureaucratic mechanisms and the support of processes of service to the citizen, with the use of Information and Communication Technologies, minimizing at the same time its response time.

The proposals are based on the adoption of a more general model of infrastructures for the provision of electronic services at four (4) levels, which include:

  • The publication of texts and parcels of information of the higher education,
  • The interactive environment, meaning the provision of information to the interested parties with the use of electronic means, such as web pages, e-mail, fax, FAQ nodes, etc,
  • The environment of transaction, with the ability of electronic deposit of applications, follow-up and service of these and
  • The combined services, which include the service of citizens (students, candidate students (pupils), graduates, parents, instructive and inquiring personnel, contractors and suppliers) by centers, which offer unified services, of various levels and sectors of education. For the specific project these points are the points of service of citizens in the higher education, which are the secretariats of departments for the total of academic subjects and the corresponding administrative services for the remaining cases of service of citizens.

For the development and support of these services the planning and concretization of the essential network/-calculating infrastructure is forecasted, which is also required in the already developed and functioning, as well as special infrastructures of applications in each of the pilot institutions of the third degree. These institutions, in which the actions of the present project will be pilot developed have been carefully selected with criterion the already existing relative infrastructure in hardware and software, the possibility of completion and unification of the already developed operations, the exploitation of developed know-how, but also the representativity of the academic community in order for the results of the pilot act to be directly applicable to the entire community.

Also, in the fields of the project the essential equipment and software will be worked-out and acquired with public competitions according to the legislation that conditions Information Society (ΚτΠ Α.Ε.). The result, especially in the software competitions will be open code software in order to make easier the diffusion of the results in the academic institutions.