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The Greek Universities Network and its objectives

The Greek Universities Network (Gunet) is a non-profit company with members all 25 public universities in Greece. GUnet’s mission is to promote, facilitate and coordinate the deployment of advanced information and communication technologies, services, and applications in the Greek academic community, as well as to support the digital transformation of higher education institutions (HEIs) in Greece.

GUnet’s mission includes the coordination of initiatives that advance the e-governance in education and research, the design and development of application platforms for HEIs, and the delivery of digital services for education that run at national level. In its role as central service provider, and through its participation in several EU and national R&D projects, GUnet has developed strong expertise in the areas of data governance, identity management, trust services provision, and advanced e-learning systems. Also, through its national service hub, it provides the data linkages and connection services between the Greek HEIs and the rest of the world.


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