Cultural and creative industries (CCIs) are recognised in Europe for the quick absorption of new knowledge, innovative processes, models and technologies. They are an important booster of innovations in many other sectors. CCIs need genuine interaction between different fields of research and studies in a way that education will not just encourage a new mindset geared toward the valorisation of the creative economy, but also foster a better understanding of the CCIs as “beacons” of a knowledge-based inclusive society. Still, CCIs are regionally determined, thrive on local resources and bring value to the communities by creating jobs at the regional and local level. At the same time, the CCIs have been among the most affected sectors by the pandemic and their recovery and viability needs the coordinated actions of all stakeholders.

In order to valorize the positive effects of the CCIs on the local and regional economies and to identify development prospects, five established academic and research institutions launched the Erasmus+ Project called FENICE: Fostering Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Cultural and Creative Industries through Interdisciplinary Education. We are the Varna University of Management from Varna, Bulgaria, Greek Academic Network from Athens, Greece, Universitatea Nationala De Arte from Buchares, Romania, Universidade Portucalense from Porto, Portugal, and Univerzitet U Novom Sadu from Novi Sad, Serbia.

FENICE seeks to enhance the quality and relevance of business and art education for the CCIs by focusing on the non-technological innovations that are created within the creative economy in our countries and regions. We shall achieve this via

–  research and best practices exchange in the field of management and entrepreneurship for the CCIs in view of adapting education to creative economy’s skills needs, innovation and sustainability value;

– cross-fertilisation between business/economics, arts, heritage, IT and media studies and develop innovative syllabuses on this basis;

– modelling an academia-business partnership to promote incubation, start-ups and entrepreneurship in CCIs in the local communities.

FENICE runs from November 2020 until October 2022.

Follow our work on our website and via facebook #FENICE.