Period: 12/2012 – 11/2014

Funding: EU – Lifelong Learning Programm

The main objective of the project is to establish “resilience” as a horizontal theme in adult education.  We also consider the pursuit of resilience as a key competence enabling individuals to adapt to a changing society and labour market requirements and to strengthen self-confidence and personal fulfilment.
Empirical resilience research has been widely recognised and offers a promising new approach to central questions in both ethics and economics. In our project, we investigated what this perspective can contribute to adult education and to the skill development of the European workforce in terms of flexiblility to meet the demands of economic developments and continuous change.
So teachers and trainers are the main target group of our project. We developed the following products for them:

  • Guidelines for introducing resilience into adult education and counselling that demonstrate how to introduce aspects of resilience into existing teaching frameworks in relation to the specific needs of individuals, specific learning cultures and the requirements of vocational training providers
  • a Selection Box that contains exercises, methods and/or didactic learning approaches where resilience can be included e.g. in language courses, personal development, integration of immigrants, and guidance measures focusing on personal competence development
  • an Interview Scheme for teachers and trainers to assess resilience and ensure that the needs of their target groups will be addressed effectively.