Period: 1/2013 – 10/2015

Funding: NSRF 2007 – 2013. Operational Programm “Life Long Learning”, co-financed by Greece and the European Union.

The horizontal project “Central Repository of Greek Open Courses” aimed at supporting the Greek HEI in developing and providing open academic courses. The main target of the horizontal project is to develop, and make available to the public, a National Open Courses Search Portal (NOCS) as a means for searching centrally the open courses provided by the Greek HEI. A big number of open courses include educational multimedia content, such as video lectures.

Briefly, the main objectives of the horizontal project are:

  • the design, development and operation of
    • the horizontal NOCS portal
    • the Open Delos platform, a rich media and lecture platform for education
    • the upgrading of the Open eClass platform in terms of architecture, user interface and functionality in order to support open courses
  • the drafting of specifications for the open courses structure and the required equipment for the development phase
  • the provision of guidelines, training and consulting services, related to the development of open courses, to the HEI and their staff
  • the central hosting of open courses to achieve economies of scale
  • the raising of the awareness of faculty members, and the training of HEI’s support staff
  • the awarding of the best open courses
  • conducting promotional activities, publicity and dissemination of results

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