Period: 10/2016 – 9/2018

Funding: Greece (ΙΚΥ) in the context of ERASMUS+ programm.:

The project aims at developing a holistic Naval Fire Fighting Training and Education System (NAFTES) to complement existing training infrastructure available in a special Unit of the HMOD (Hellenic Navy, Naval Training Command – NTC). The discussed training facilities are the Fire Fighting Simulator (FFS) and the Crew Evacuation Simulator (CES) both installed and operated in the Damage Control School (DCS) of the NTC (Naval Fortress of Skaramagkas).

The different facets of the proposed training program are the following:

  • Introductory Training (IT)
  • Theoretical (classroom)
  • Training (THT)
  • Hands-On Training (HOT)

IT will be materialized through a properly structured and populated tele-training platform (TT) based on an advanced Learning Management System (LMS), which will allow crews and assigned officers to become acquainted with the fire training fundamentals and the particulars of the DCS components.

The THT will be performed in the DCS premises by highly skilled instructors and will be supplemented by multimedia material (videos, animations), which is to be integrated in the LMS, retrieved and presented during classroom hours.

The HOT pillar will be materialized through an advanced portable system, which will be carried by trainees during their presence in the simulated (and fire impacted) engineering room. The system will come in the form of Augmented Reality (AR) applications, which will overlay warnings or explanatory text to their viewport of the training “stage”.

The target groups of the project include Commercial/military ship crews and, with proper adjustment, virtually personnel of any kind of engineering premises prompt to the risk of fire. The ubiquity of the design allows a large number of engineering/industrial applications through the emulation of any working environment. The portability of the AR equipment will ensure that the HOT training phase is flexible enough to be carried out in a variety of premises to include future engineering compartment designs and not be limited to existing ones.

The role of GUnet

GUnet is the project coordinator as well as in charge for the development of the elearning platform and the AR application.